Welcome to the CADASIL FORUM website.


This site was created to provide a place for CADASIL patients and their families to share information and provide each other with support.

A diagnosis of CADASIL is life-changing--both for the patient and their family. Yet, unlike so many other devastating diseases,  CADASIL is so underdiagnosed that finding a support group of other patients is extremely difficult. Our hope is that this site can be used to create the support groups CADASIL families so desperately need.

Additionally, this site can serve as a clearinghouse for CADASIL information.  By bringing patients, families, doctors and researchers together our hope is to facilitate a conversation about CADASIL that will foster new lines of communication.  So little is known about CADASIL, but our hope is that as patients, families and professionals we can weave together the information that is available.  We believe this may provide the framework for finding a cure.

So, please join us.  Share your stories; share your research; and share your own personal knowledge--let's move forward together!